Flying Through ISC Muscat’s International Day

Flying Through ISC Muscat’s International Day

Our school prides itself in being an international school and for good reason! At ISC Muscat, our student and teacher body comprises nationals of over 62 nationalities.

In order to celebrate this diversity and broaden our students’ cultural knowledge, each year we hold the International Day. The International Day is by far the most anticipated event by students, parents and teachers alike.

With the aim of making this year’s event more original and successful, prefects decided to transform the school into an international airport complete with terminals and an information desk.


After standing in respect to the rhythm of the Omani national anthem, parents, teachers, and students worked hard in order to show the beauty of their respective countries. Stands adorned by traditional items, games and decoration were augmented by delicious dishes.

Everybody present experienced the joy of traveling through six of the seven continents. Over thirty stands were displayed throughout the “airport” for everyone to revel in. In addition, all this joyous eating was accompanied by beautiful performances from several countries as well as a fashion show.

The International School of Choueifat — Muscat

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