ISC-Muscat Participates in 10th SABIS® Regional Sports Tournament

ISC-Muscat Participates in 10th SABIS® Regional Sports Tournament
The event which took place in UAE attracted over 1000 SABIS® athletes from 23 SABIS® schools representing 12 countries from around the world.
Teams from Germany, Romania, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kurdistan Iraq and Jordan competed enthusiastically in swimming, basketball, soccer, sprint, relay, and long jump.

Victor Saad, Vice President of SABIS® Educational Services, welcomed the distinguished guests and the crowd; he cheered the athletes on with an address from the heart stressing that “Playing sport teaches a lot of valuable life lessons, at least partly because we often learn more from our failures than we do from our successes! It is the former that motivates us to strive for improvement, and to never become complacent. So, regardless of whether you win or lose today, know that what is important is your participation, your team spirit, your attitude during the games… and having given it your best shot. Because, yes… in life, you will win some and you will lose some… but a most important life lesson that you can learn here today is to win with humility… and lose with grace.”

The speeches were followed by a selection of performances by students from various SABIS® schools, which celebrated the uniqueness of the diversity of the different cultures in our schools.

ISC-Muscat students had their share of medals. Under14 football team and girls relay team won the bronze medal. Kelsey McDowell won the bronze medal in swimming (breaststroke for Under 12 girls). Loay Al Rashdi won a silver medal in long jump and a gold medal in 100m race.  Moreover, Ammar Al Maamari earned the title of “Golden Boots” for scoring 12 goals in U10 football.

Students returned home with many great memories, looking forward to the 11th tournament.  This has been another success of the SABIS® Network Schools.

SABIS®/Choueifat Global Network of Schools that started with humble beginnings in 1886 and currently educates close to 65,000 students in both the private and public sectors, operating in 17 countries and spread over four continents.

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