National Day Celebrations

National Day Celebrations

As I entered, as I do every day an overwhelming sense of pride filled me. As my eyes extended toward the larger than life portrait of His Majesty I knew that this day would be different. As I glanced at the faces of my fellow students it was obvious that the 45 years passed were not in vein. We gathered and an awe-inspiring sense of serenity engulfed the playground. The anthem it echoed, lungs they emptied and the flag rose toward the sky. A salute rang out and hearts danced.

This however would prove to be a prelude to the activities that followed. As students in the high school we would share the cultural influences of the different regions of the Sultanate. The fashion show contained the different dress that can be witnessed as we cross our vast nation and most importantly to give thanks for the amazing “45” years of development and peace. There was an evident feeling of appreciation among those present. The day wasn’t just enjoyed by Omanis, our international classmates also embraced the event.

As the festivities went on we also witnessed the celebrations of the Kindergarten and primary schools. It was very clear that teachers and parents alike put huge effort into preparing their children for the day. The KG1 and KG2’s paraded the artwork and decorations they had been making in the weeks leading up to the day. The primary school students were gathered in the auditorium with flags in hand they were ready to celebrate. Through the lens of the camera there was a sea of Red, green and white. The cheers from the students filled the air with a short movie played which captured the attention of all those present. 

The day was one that will live on in the memory of our student community and special thanks must go to those involved in the decorating of the school and the organizing of the events.

The International School of Choueifat — Muscat

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